Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here is a fun picture I fixed up for now. I will have her BOO at the ZOO and LSU BOOzar photos up sometime this weekend I hope. Enjoy this for now!
*Natalie's Mommy

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who did your nails!?

Since we have moved down to Baton Rouge I have been searching for an inexpensive place to get my nails done and of course somebody I can trust to do a good job. Little did I know...she lives with me! Thats right, she is convenient and she does the job for free (somewhat)! What more could any lady ask for??

Natalie doing mommy's nails! She takes her job very seriously!
but she can always take a moment to pose for daddy

Showing off her skills.

She's a silly little girl! As you can tell, her nails are painted...her rule is she will paint yours if you will return the favor! Not too bad, huh!

Compliments of Miss Natalie Allyse Ainsworth:

I must admit that she did a rather good job for a three year old. Yeah, the polish is on my fingers.. but I do that myself when I paint my nails!
This was such a fun experience for Natalie...I knew she would love painting my nails so I just had to let her give it a shot. Yes, I sported this fancy nail job for a week! Better book your appointments quick! :)
Tomorrow will be a special day for our family. This will be our first time to celebrate fall together in Baton Rouge. We are suprising Natalie with a trip to BOO at the ZOO. I think she is going to have a blast! We are also going to take her to the BOOzar at LSU on Wednesday...I have never heard of this before but is a yearly tradition at LSU that I hope we will be able to participate in each year. I think we will surprise Natalie with that event also because she is all for SURPRISES! Mimi, don't worry, she will be getting good use out of her "Abbey Caddaby Fairy Costume" as she calls it. Hopefully I can have pictures up tomorrow night from our trip to BOO at the ZOO. Stay tuned & enjoy the update!

*Natalie's Mommy

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dryer Obsession?

Everytime I go to do laundry....Natalie insists on going. I find it hilarious that she loves to go with me. And the reason why is...she loves to clean the lint out of the dryers! She takes this so seriously. She has to go to every bottom dryer, pull out the lint catcher, emty it, put it back in the dryer, and slam the door shut. She won't leave without making sure each dryer is clean. I'm sure the other residents are thankful for this, right?!
Here she goes!
Dusting off her hands, it is such hard work!
Returning the lint catcher thingy...
Cleaning it out, she does a great job!
She has to make sure EVERY piece of lint is off.
I just love that she does this. While I am putting the clothes in the washers this is what keeps Natalie occupied. At first I wasnt sure I should let her do this but..why not! The sign says to clean them before and after but nobody ever does (so annoying) so Natalie makes sure it gets done. I cant help but watch her do this every time, this is her "job" and she gets so serious about it. She's gonna make a good wife! :]
Hope you enjoyed this story!
*Natalie's Mommy

little mommy*

Natalie just loves Sally. Isn't it sweet?
I will post more pictures later.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo Fun-

So I got bored one night and found a neat photo editor & decided to play around with some of my photos. Just thought I should share them!

I have plenty to post sometime this week..not sure when I will be able to get around to it!

Natalie's Mommy*

Monday, October 6, 2008

More School Work for Natalie*

I think this "homework" was the most fun for us!
The instructions were to have a lunch with friends/animals or something like that, I can't exactly remember them correctly. So we went into Natalie's room and picked out the animals she wanted at her tea party/lunch...this is when I realized she doesnt actually have stuffed animals...I remember having several growing up! So we picked out her Mike the Tiger, her LSU cheerleader Bear, and a wooden Monkey cutout. Then I asked her what she wanted each animal to eat. We then drew the food, cut them out, and put them on plates for her to "feed" her animals lunch...well dinner in our case.
She is feeding the monkey fruit..she made a banana, apple, and orange for the fruit. She is feeding Mike the Tiger cheetos!
Now she is feeding the Bear grass, she made him grass and coconuts to eat.
Posing with her homework project.

She had so much fun doing this! It was funny to hear her decision on which food to make for her animals. But I thought she made good choices!
The homework sheet she had to turn in...
Overall Natalie and I enjoyed this. It was a good project and she enjoyed sharing it with her class.
I have a great post coming up that happened last night...stay tuned!
Natalie's Mommy*

Thursday, October 2, 2008

School Days*

Yes, Natalie does have homework at the age of 3! I think it is more for the parents to make sure they stay involved which I think is wonderful because we do have fun with it! Here is one of Natalie's first homework assignments.
Down the stairs and off to school
Not the best photo but just a full shot, she loves to take a bowl of cereal to eat in the car-
Showing off her homework with a silly face! But she was so proud!
Another day before school, she's beautiful
Full length, I chopped off her feet on accident! :(
Playing on the LSU playground with one of her friends, they have fun together!
Thats all for now, I have so many more to share so stay tuned!

*Natalie's Mommy*

Just Random..

This post is just for a few random pictures!
I love this picture of Nat, such a true smile!
This should have went with the previous post but I forgot to put it there, oh well!
You can tell she was having a blast.

Cameron was cleaning Natalie's room one day and when I got home he showed me this. He said that is is our family! Cute huh!

So that was just a quick, random post!

Nat's Mommy*

Mommy's Helper

It has been a while. I have skipped a few pictures so I decided that I needed to come back and add them. They are kinda random but that's okay! So here it is!

Natalie helping mommy with the laundry!She insisted on doing it herself! Imagine that!

Our deal is that she will help me with laundry and then I will take her to the playground, since she took up her end of the deal I had to take up my end!

She is all about sliding on her belly!