Sunday, November 30, 2008


Natalie has been asking to have her ears pierced for a few weeks now and I was not sure she really wanted them. She would tell Cameron "Daddy, mommy won't let me have earrings!". I never told her she couldn't so I'm not sure where she got this from. My mom has been asking Emma if she wanted her ears pierced for a few years and she has been scared but when we told her that Natalie wanted her ears pierced I guess she decided that if Natalie was ready she should be ready too. So on Saturday, November 29th Natalie and Emma got their ears pierced. This is the video of Natalie getting her ears pierced. I will post the pictures later. I must say that we are very proud of her for not crying! This was a big step for our little girl. She's growing up so fast. I know I am very behind but I had to skip ahead for this post. :]

*Natalie's Mommy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just a little update..

Beautiful girl :]
I have a lot of catching up to do but I thought this would be enjoyable for now. More coming soon, I promise!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[Balloon Race Weekend]

I finally found the time to put together an update. It has been a while and I apologize. These collages are from Balloon Race weekend when me and Nat went home. I knew this would be something she would enjoy and as you can tell..she did!

Natalie at Balloon Races friday night on the Natchez side. She loves rides and she wasn't scared at all..just like her mommy!
Natalie & Emma got their pictures draw by "Red Bug"...thats what the man called himself and he was quite a character. I was surprised Natalie sat as long as she did. Emma did not care for him too much because she can't take a joke and he picked on her a lot! You can tell she was pouting in the second image.

We also had a family reunion on Saturday but I my mom took pictures with her camera since my battery died. I only have one picture of Natalie on my camera and she is eating a cupcake..I will post that later. Overall, this was a fun weekend and Natalie really enjoyed it!

*Natalie's Mommy