Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm playing catch-up!

So here are the rest of the images I have from this past memory card. I just "unloaded" the memory card again so I'm sure I will post a lot tonight to get back on track. I'm going to finish editing this post later after my last class if I can. But for now here's something beautiful to look at!

Natalie's Mommy*

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Isn't she lovely*

What a beautiful girl! :)


After Natalie eats supper she gets a bath, then she gets dressed in her pjs and we read books. I ask Natalie to pick out four books...which usually leads to about 5 or 6! Then she rolls over and says "rub my back"...between her and Cameron I get tired of that phrase! But honestly I love it! Well if that doesnt get it she rolls back over and says "Sing mommy". And I dont have any talent for singing but she surely doesnt seem to mind, she loves it. Her favorite song at night now is "Hush little baby" but she calls it "Buy me a mocking bird".
Natalie has made up her own song to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin".
I should video it and put it on here some day but this is how it goes...
She starts off with either Nana or Mimi and continues to Papaw, Poppa, Emma, Cari, Precious, Rudy, and Mimi's kittens.
"Where's ol ___, Where's ol __, Where she/he at? Where she/he at? He/Her in Frogmore/Ferriday! He/Her in Frogmore/Ferriday! Yes he/her is! Yes he/her is!"
There are a few different variations...just depends on what she remembers that day. It's not perfect but I dont correct her because I think it is so CUTE!
I have so many stories to tell! I will find the time!
This had drama queen written all over it!

She's such a big girl when she "reads" her books by herself.

Silly girl pretending to be asleep!

Its about time!

So here it is! Her first morning before school. I'm sure you all know that this was not an easy day for us or her. She was so excited about the idea of a new school, but not school itself. She cried for quite a while but when she sat down to eat we slipped out. The techer called later that day and let us know that she did just fine! We were so relieved. But Natalie cried Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Monday. Thankfully Tuesday was a change and she has not cried since! :) A happy girl makes us happy. Now she gets so excited about her "new school" as she calls it. She says that she likes it and likes to play with her friends. I think she is finally adjusting to the new Tigerland that was so scary for us all.

Today when Cameron and I picked Natalie up she was very excited and she told us.." I like my new school, and I like my friends, and I have fun and my new school. I like Baton Rouge and Mike the Tiger, and LSU!" She went on and on. It was so adorable. She can talk so well, it amazes me how much she knows at her age.

Well thats an update for now. Im working on more images for another update! Aren't ya proud! My transition into LSU has kept me busy and Im still in the learning process of all the internet sites and such that our professors use for lessons. Im sure when I learn what Im doing it will be easier and I will be able to keep this updated!

Natalie watching TV before she had to finish getting ready for her first day of school, she looks consumed...and she was, she loves her cartoons! This was before she got finished getting ready for school, she finally gave me a little smile :) Brushing her teeth with her Diego tooth brush! She was ready to go with her Dora blanket and pillow!

Natalie at the door of her new school! She was only this happy for a moment...

Natalie's Mommy*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We made it!

Well we made it safely to Baton Rouge and into our new apartment (mine & Nat's first/ Cameron's second). But our first together! :) Anyway, we got the guys to bring everything up to apartment and the girls unloaded it. When Mimi and Poppa came Mimi took Natalie and Emma to the playground we have here at the complex. Things get done quicker without a 3 & 6 year old around!
After we got everything in place (somewhat) the girls went to WalMart to get a few things....well alot..and unfortunately it rained on us, or should i say it POURED! Needless to say, we were soaked carrying bags up to the third floor.
Later that night we ate, Natalie took a bath, we read books and she went to bed. I tried to stay up and get things done but I was exhausted from the long day.

August 19, 2008----Natalie's FIRST day of school!

I've decided to call it school instead of a daycare because it is much more of a school than anything else. It was a rough first day and we should have expected that. Of course after I left her she calmed down and danced her little heart out according to the manager of her school. She really does have a great time after she gets over the shock of being left.

On the way home she told me all sorts of stories from the day and what she ate for lunch. And when asked if she was ready to go back the next day she said she was...however, that is never the case the following morning when I took her to school. But yet again she had a blast.

I will have to update again with her funny stories and pictures. I am still trying to figure out this new picture editing software that I downloaded.

Sorry this is taking so long to get going, I know it will become easier when i figure this new computer and software out.

More to come soon! Keep looking!

Nat's Mommy*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Laptop :)

Okay so the good news is that I finally got my new laptop for school which means I have my own place to put all my pictures and I can easily upload them for the blog.

The bad news is that I dont have any pictures for this post, once again, Im sorry!

This blog will be mostly about Natalie's new experiences and she surely will have alot in a new home and city so of course there will plenty of pictures to come!

The days are flying by and Monday is going to be here before we know it. We still have alot of packing and getting ready to do but as always it will get done one way or another.

Im trying to decide if I want to create another blog for our family (like Jami did) or if I will share this space with Natalie. Im just not sure I will be able to manage them both? Help me out!

Nat's Mommy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm new to this...

I wanted to go ahead and create an account for Natalie before we head to Baton Rouge. I'm going to try to really hard to keep this updated with Natalie's new experiences down in TIGER LAND! But bare with me because I am new to this so it will take some getting use to!

We will be moving into the married housing at LSU on the 18th of August so my first real post hopefully will be later that day or the next day.

No pictures for this post since I'm on my mom's computer...sorry! But i promise I will have plenty to come so keep looking! :)

Natalie's Mommy*