Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm new to this...

I wanted to go ahead and create an account for Natalie before we head to Baton Rouge. I'm going to try to really hard to keep this updated with Natalie's new experiences down in TIGER LAND! But bare with me because I am new to this so it will take some getting use to!

We will be moving into the married housing at LSU on the 18th of August so my first real post hopefully will be later that day or the next day.

No pictures for this post since I'm on my mom's computer...sorry! But i promise I will have plenty to come so keep looking! :)

Natalie's Mommy*

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Diane Broadhurst said...

I really enjoyed your blog spot for Natalie. Glad for all the new experiences for her and you in Tigerland. Good luck with your studies and being a new bride and family. I love hearing all the news, just a very neat way to keep up with family! Take care of yourselves! Love ya bunches! Aunt Diane