Thursday, August 28, 2008


After Natalie eats supper she gets a bath, then she gets dressed in her pjs and we read books. I ask Natalie to pick out four books...which usually leads to about 5 or 6! Then she rolls over and says "rub my back"...between her and Cameron I get tired of that phrase! But honestly I love it! Well if that doesnt get it she rolls back over and says "Sing mommy". And I dont have any talent for singing but she surely doesnt seem to mind, she loves it. Her favorite song at night now is "Hush little baby" but she calls it "Buy me a mocking bird".
Natalie has made up her own song to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin".
I should video it and put it on here some day but this is how it goes...
She starts off with either Nana or Mimi and continues to Papaw, Poppa, Emma, Cari, Precious, Rudy, and Mimi's kittens.
"Where's ol ___, Where's ol __, Where she/he at? Where she/he at? He/Her in Frogmore/Ferriday! He/Her in Frogmore/Ferriday! Yes he/her is! Yes he/her is!"
There are a few different variations...just depends on what she remembers that day. It's not perfect but I dont correct her because I think it is so CUTE!
I have so many stories to tell! I will find the time!
This had drama queen written all over it!

She's such a big girl when she "reads" her books by herself.

Silly girl pretending to be asleep!


Jami Ainsworth said...

I may be the only one commenting, but I am soooo glad that you are doing this whole blogging thing. I love you for it. I am so enjoying it so much already!

The Glenn Gang said...

SO, so sweet! Love the thumbkin song!