Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We made it!

Well we made it safely to Baton Rouge and into our new apartment (mine & Nat's first/ Cameron's second). But our first together! :) Anyway, we got the guys to bring everything up to apartment and the girls unloaded it. When Mimi and Poppa came Mimi took Natalie and Emma to the playground we have here at the complex. Things get done quicker without a 3 & 6 year old around!
After we got everything in place (somewhat) the girls went to WalMart to get a few things....well alot..and unfortunately it rained on us, or should i say it POURED! Needless to say, we were soaked carrying bags up to the third floor.
Later that night we ate, Natalie took a bath, we read books and she went to bed. I tried to stay up and get things done but I was exhausted from the long day.

August 19, 2008----Natalie's FIRST day of school!

I've decided to call it school instead of a daycare because it is much more of a school than anything else. It was a rough first day and we should have expected that. Of course after I left her she calmed down and danced her little heart out according to the manager of her school. She really does have a great time after she gets over the shock of being left.

On the way home she told me all sorts of stories from the day and what she ate for lunch. And when asked if she was ready to go back the next day she said she was...however, that is never the case the following morning when I took her to school. But yet again she had a blast.

I will have to update again with her funny stories and pictures. I am still trying to figure out this new picture editing software that I downloaded.

Sorry this is taking so long to get going, I know it will become easier when i figure this new computer and software out.

More to come soon! Keep looking!

Nat's Mommy*

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Jami Ainsworth said...

So glad to see an update. I love hearing your view point. I know everyone else will too. If you continue to have problems with the new photo editing program, I will try to get a new p.s. element for you and Cari to share.

Love ya!

P.S. I am finally posting some images from the lake...though I am still not finished and I am almost through editing images from the move.