Friday, September 19, 2008


Natalie's First LSU Game: LSU vs. North Texas- 9/13/08
I have to admit I was quite worried about taking her to the game, the original plan was for Cameron to go to the game and Natalie and I would come back home. Well when Natalie realized she was not going to the game with daddy...she was not happy about the plan. She insisted that she go to the game so I decided to give it a shot. I honestly thought this was going to be a rough experience but I thankfully I was very wrong.
She's a beautiful little tiger :)
She was out before we got to the game...So now I'm really thinking this is a bad idea. She is either in a great mood, a really bad mood, or a clingy mood when she wakes up...I was expecting the worst. Of course, she woke up in a great mood because she was overwhelmed with excitement about the big evening ahead!This was such a special time for Cameron as daddy. I'm not sure you can tell since I but this photo in black and white but it brought tears to his eyes! He just loved that Natalie would join in with every cheer and chant. She's a natural cheerleader I must say!
The Golden Band from Tigerland
This is when I really regretted not bringing the camera Mimi gave me to use for capturing Nat's new experiences but I just knew it would be a hassle carrying the camera and Natalie. This is during one of the cheers. You can barely see Natalie doing just as her daddy is doing.
I knew she would enjoy a night in Tiger Stadium but I had no idea that she could be so enthused about this moment at such a young age.
Our First LSU game together!
She enjoyed getting on our shoulders during the game but we had to switch it up several times, she is quite the load!
While she was on our shoulders she would swirl our hair around, which did get annoying but it was cute at the same time. This was the best picture I could get of them, she just wanted to be silly!
" The Highlight of her evening!"
Natalie was extremely excited about Mike during the game, she would watch his every move and always point him out. So when daddy told her he would get Mike to take a picture with her she was so giddy! However....Mike jumped out of his break room and scared her to death, I wish I could have captured that moment and the terror in her eyes just so I could compare that with the look of happiness in this photo. After daddy told Natalie, "It's okay, he's nice." Natalie said "OKAY!", and she was ready for the photo! I love it!

The second highlight of Natalie's night is taking a piture with a LSU cheerleader! I wish I could have gotten a group of them, maybe next time! She is truly all smiles for this picture!
Aren't they cute??!

This is definately one of Natalie's new and exciting experiences in her new Tigerland. I'm so thankful that Mike and the LSU Cheerleader could make her night extra special. I know this will be an evening she will never forget. Most of all, I'm so thankful that we as a family could experience this together and share the excitement with her. I love this little girl with all my heart and soul.

Thats all for today. I skipped several things to get this posted because it was a great time for her! I hope you enjoy the post, don't forget to comment! More to come soon.

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The Glenn Gang said...

SO PRECIOUS!!! What an incredible memory for you all!

Jami Ainsworth said...

Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed seeing more than you'll ever know. I am so glad Natalie and Cameron enjoyed it so much. And I know that made YOUR experience all the better just watching them.

Keep it up! I love this whole blog concept!

-Tori- said...

Hey love!
I'm glad yalls game went so good! I'm gunna have to come down and watch one with yall!!
I lovee yall!!

Oh yeah.. You know she gets those cheerleadin skills from me!