Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So far So good-

Despite horrible traffic...this morning was great!

Natalie and I headed to school around 7:15 and we didn't arrive at her school until 8:15! So this is usually about a 15 to 30 minute drive but it took an hour today...very frustrating. I'm hoping that gets fixed soon. But the good news is...

Natalie let me put her down and she walked into class on her own today. I think this is a big step for her. Usually she makes me come in the classroom with her, put her at the table and feed her or just put her down. But today she grabbed her pillow and blanket (Diego this time!) and told me bye. I was so surprised considering I was expecting her to have to go through the transition again since she did not go to school all last week. Needless to say, my stay at TLC was very short this time...which is a good thing I guess. I would love to just stay and play or just watch her interact at school but as Natalie says.."You go to your school Mommy, and I go to MY school!".

I got back to the apartment at 9:30, grabbed my backpack and headed out the door since I do have a 9:30 class..thank goodness for the 10 minute "grace period".

I guess thats all for today-pictures later!


The Glenn Gang said...

Yay for Natalie and YAY for mommy! I left Jonah crying yesterday AND today. Really hurts your heart!!!

Jami Ainsworth said...

I am sooo happy too. It makes me adjust with my day-to-day life w/o her knowing she is doing well.

deanna magoun said...

i'm so glad she is doing better! i know how hard it was on you to leave her.