Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dryer Obsession?

Everytime I go to do laundry....Natalie insists on going. I find it hilarious that she loves to go with me. And the reason why is...she loves to clean the lint out of the dryers! She takes this so seriously. She has to go to every bottom dryer, pull out the lint catcher, emty it, put it back in the dryer, and slam the door shut. She won't leave without making sure each dryer is clean. I'm sure the other residents are thankful for this, right?!
Here she goes!
Dusting off her hands, it is such hard work!
Returning the lint catcher thingy...
Cleaning it out, she does a great job!
She has to make sure EVERY piece of lint is off.
I just love that she does this. While I am putting the clothes in the washers this is what keeps Natalie occupied. At first I wasnt sure I should let her do this but..why not! The sign says to clean them before and after but nobody ever does (so annoying) so Natalie makes sure it gets done. I cant help but watch her do this every time, this is her "job" and she gets so serious about it. She's gonna make a good wife! :]
Hope you enjoyed this story!
*Natalie's Mommy


Jami Ainsworth said...

I have her help me to do this too with my dryer.

Cristi said...

I do love this story. So sweet. We miss you guys. Hope everything is going great with you all.