Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who did your nails!?

Since we have moved down to Baton Rouge I have been searching for an inexpensive place to get my nails done and of course somebody I can trust to do a good job. Little did I know...she lives with me! Thats right, she is convenient and she does the job for free (somewhat)! What more could any lady ask for??

Natalie doing mommy's nails! She takes her job very seriously!
but she can always take a moment to pose for daddy

Showing off her skills.

She's a silly little girl! As you can tell, her nails are painted...her rule is she will paint yours if you will return the favor! Not too bad, huh!

Compliments of Miss Natalie Allyse Ainsworth:

I must admit that she did a rather good job for a three year old. Yeah, the polish is on my fingers.. but I do that myself when I paint my nails!
This was such a fun experience for Natalie...I knew she would love painting my nails so I just had to let her give it a shot. Yes, I sported this fancy nail job for a week! Better book your appointments quick! :)
Tomorrow will be a special day for our family. This will be our first time to celebrate fall together in Baton Rouge. We are suprising Natalie with a trip to BOO at the ZOO. I think she is going to have a blast! We are also going to take her to the BOOzar at LSU on Wednesday...I have never heard of this before but is a yearly tradition at LSU that I hope we will be able to participate in each year. I think we will surprise Natalie with that event also because she is all for SURPRISES! Mimi, don't worry, she will be getting good use out of her "Abbey Caddaby Fairy Costume" as she calls it. Hopefully I can have pictures up tomorrow night from our trip to BOO at the ZOO. Stay tuned & enjoy the update!

*Natalie's Mommy

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Jami Ainsworth said...

I love that you and Natalie and Cameron too (since he documented it) had this nail painting experience. But I think I will let someone else do my nails!

I love and miss you three!