Monday, October 6, 2008

More School Work for Natalie*

I think this "homework" was the most fun for us!
The instructions were to have a lunch with friends/animals or something like that, I can't exactly remember them correctly. So we went into Natalie's room and picked out the animals she wanted at her tea party/lunch...this is when I realized she doesnt actually have stuffed animals...I remember having several growing up! So we picked out her Mike the Tiger, her LSU cheerleader Bear, and a wooden Monkey cutout. Then I asked her what she wanted each animal to eat. We then drew the food, cut them out, and put them on plates for her to "feed" her animals lunch...well dinner in our case.
She is feeding the monkey fruit..she made a banana, apple, and orange for the fruit. She is feeding Mike the Tiger cheetos!
Now she is feeding the Bear grass, she made him grass and coconuts to eat.
Posing with her homework project.

She had so much fun doing this! It was funny to hear her decision on which food to make for her animals. But I thought she made good choices!
The homework sheet she had to turn in...
Overall Natalie and I enjoyed this. It was a good project and she enjoyed sharing it with her class.
I have a great post coming up that happened last night...stay tuned!
Natalie's Mommy*

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Yes, we definitely need the text so we can understand the story behind the images...though they are cute w/o any info.